What our customers and business partners are saying about us:

I often joked that this candy store is my favourite health food store. It is great having a place nearby to get sweets such as jelly beans and gummi bears. They also sell salty snacks such as chips and pretzels. I just love it when they get great discounted shipments of chocolates or licorice. Bulk prices on packages of about 1/2 lb to a 1 lb. Even crackers and cookies are better priced here than at the regular grocery stores, sometimes only 1/3 of the store prices. They have a decent sugar free selection that I took advantage of, for my diabetic father so he could enjoy their merchandise. Other odds and ends include discounted toiletries and baking materials. By the way, do not get surprised if you see a busload of seniors at the store, it seems to be part of several tours.

Although a place to get my candy fix, it also has sugar-free treats for my sugar-reduced friends and family. For my diabetic dad. I was able to get him sugar-less throat pain lozenges (he tends to get sore throats during the winter months). Unexpectedly, I have found it to a good place for breakfast and lunch materials — I have gotten cereal boxes, granola/cereal bars (including nut-free ones) at half of retail store prices. So I make it a point of visiting weekly.
— Kimmo Rautapuro


We often stop in at BO-DE to pick up school snacks or party snacks.  The prices are excellent and the brands are well-known.  BO-DE carries more than just sweets and has a large selection of spices, crackers, biscuits, chips, baking supplies, nuts, and trail mix.  Some inexpensive gluten-free products are available.  We visit when shopping for special occasions like Easter, Halloween, Canada Day and Christmas.   A great place for party supplies, you can buy anything from snacks to decorations to pinatas here.  BO-DE is an interesting store to visit and they are always bringing in new products to try.   My kids love the free samples.
— Mark